My name is Ryan Byarlay. This is extra-medium, a blog that you have to find as I disconnect from the never ending attention seeking that exists on social media. Check back in periodically! There might be something new.

Why extra-medium?
It’s a little bit of a play on the quality of the work here, it’s not quite medium and it’s not quite large. It sits in the in between as I explore new mediums (get it, extra-medium?) I know it’s probably a little heavy handed and a little you know, extra. But I think it fits my endeavor of exploration and trying to relinquish the high standards of my day to day design job.

What will be here?
Who knows. Musings, writing, sketches, sounds, products, ideas. This is just a place for me to share things I like in a semi-private slightly harder to discover location on the internet.

Organization and Reading

Things will be ordered by the last thing I updated. Posts will be a sort of reverse case study. I really want to show the creative process and mess that my side project life, curiosities, and thoughts are. Often, things will start out as a simple idea, a sketch, a pile of words, or just an interesting book or article I’ve seen. From that sketch will come more things, those things will pile on top of the blog, and shift to the top as I add content. Eventually landing a “final” product on the top. I think it’s fun to show how the sausage gets made and hopefully that encourages others to be vulnerable and do the same thing.