Vertical Wall Gardens

I almost didn’t post this today. I’ve never been confident with my super loose, messy, and sketchy drawing style. I sat down to re-draw it and make it look better, but then remembered the spirit and idea of this space. Keep it messy, show the process. One day I may get a more defined sketch and idea, but at the moment this is where I’m at. I’d love to be better at drawing and I need to practice more. But this is where I at, this is my idea, and this is what I’m going to share.

A few weeks ago, it was ridiculously warm. The bedrooms in our house face west, so they just get cooked all afternoon and it ends soooooo hot in our house. Sleeping is an absolute chore and it’s so uncomfortable. This is a quick idea to use plants—native and food varieties—to shade the house from the sun creating a cooling system but also improving the environment and giving us food. I’m sure there are lots of kinks to work out, but hey just an idea right?