Loose Lugnut Indicator

My son has been super into those Eyewitness book series, so I took some inspiration from them in making the layout for this infographic. It’s pretty simple and the colors are lame, but I’m working on figuring out those settings in Blender and making something a little bit more refined.

I’ll probably share an updated one with new colors, information, detail, and hopefully some Blender animation!

Here’s a few other render and material explorations too. The amount of possibilities has got me in decision paralysis…

You ever wonder what triangle things on truck and bus tires are? I always have and turns out it’s pretty simple. Basically a one of these is not like the other trick. If any of the shapes are pointing a different direction than the others, mechanics can quickly tell if any of the lug nuts are loose. Simple sketch of the principle below.

Working on making a rendering in blender at the moment, but progress is slow. Got a single lug nut and plastic dealy (not sure the full name). Keep an eye out for a future post with a better blender diagram and more in depth explanation!